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Celebrating 130 Years

Publishing Department

Dear Fellow Believers,

We have come to a time when the devil is intensifying his effort against our church. In this technological age the forces of evil is corrupting the minds of men, women and children as never before. Drugs, crime and diseases should demand the attention of all. Cancer is literally decimating our society and family relationships are being destroyed, but there is hope. The Publishing Ministry will disseminate our message throughout our islands proclaiming the gospel of hope and life to this generation through the Home/Family Health Education Services via our Literature Evangelist and Our Adventist Book and Health Food Centre “Our Community Store for Healthy Living”

We must never frighten, for the future is as bright as the Promises of God. The publication and distribution of literature is God’s plan for reaching and saving many souls who are trapped in sin and ensnared by the enemy.

We Aim to uplift and dignify people through better living–physically, socially, and spiritually–thus preparing them for the world to come; to encourage and equip everyone to share the good news of Jesus and His second coming and to strengthen personal faith through the spiritual nurturing that comes from sharing the light with others.

As we forge ahead let us all join hearts and hands together as we endeavour to finish the work of saving souls through literature evangelism.

Yours Truly,
Desree Doyle
Publishing Director

Christ is coming soon… Get ready!